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About Us

The Foreign Investors Council - FIC is a business association set up to assist Serbia in fully accepting and nurturing market economy and introducing the system of positive business attitude. By taking an active role in the transition process, FIC contributes to the improvement of investment climate in Serbia, engaging in the dialogue with the stakeholders and voicing the position of the investors. FIC is also focusing on promoting solid business ethics and high corporate governance principles within the organization and towards local companies, Government, and other external stakeholders.

Major foreign investors in Serbia established The Foreign Investors Council - FIC at the Official Foundation Meeting (Constituent Assembly) held in Belgrade on July 15th 2002.

"To actively promote sustainable business environment

 through open dialogue with the Authorities

and other relevant stakeholders."

The Foreign Investors Council was founded with the support of the OECD - Investment Compact for SEE. Today, it gathers over one hundred foreign companies present in Serbia, covering a vast range of industries and economic sectors.

The aims of the FIC are:

  • to improve the investment and business development climate in Serbia
  • to represent, voice and promote shared opinions of its members, in order to advance mutual interests and stimulate foreign direct investments
  • to improve communication, co-operation and permanent dialogue between the Council and the Serbian administration
  • to co-operate with the Serbian administration on overcoming difficulties and obstacles that may exist in relations with foreign investors and in economic relations with other countries
  • to advance the interests of the international business community in Serbia
  • to, as much as possible, inform its members and other interested parties about the investment climate in Serbia, and
  • to communicate with other foreign investors' organizations across the region of Southeast Europe, in order (a) for all sides to benefit from shared common practice exchanges and (b) to examine specific methods for the improvement of regional business.

FIC promotes the principles of sound business ethics, setting the example of solid governance both via FIC operations directly and members' operations indirectly.

As an active participant in the process of driving reforms and economic development, FIC is recognized by the Government as one of the crucial stakeholders.

FIC remains a reliable partner of numerous international organizations present in Serbia, such as IMF, World Bank, Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia, European Union, UNDP, etc.