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19. March 2015

FIC Cocktail: Opportunity for Networking

FIC Networking Cocktail, held on March 19th at Grand Casino, offered great opportunity for networking, gaining insight in FIC recent activities and plans, and promoting the organization to the well-chosen potential members.

09. March 2015

Meeting Prime Minister to Discuss Business Climate

FIC representatives met Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic yesterday to discuss current business climate and ways to improve it, implementation of laws, as well as the participation of FIC members in the country’s ongoing privatization process.

04. March 2015

Predictability and Level Playing Field

FIC President Frederic Coin participated as one of panellists at Kopaonik Business Forum.

26. February 2015

Fair Conversion Needed

In an interview for weekly Vreme published on February26, Real-Estate Committee President Nebojsa Nesovanovic assessed the changes of the Construction Law as substantial and pleaded for the efficient and fair solution for conversion.

25. February 2015

Agreement with IMF of Great Importance

BoD member Dimitrije Knjeginic spoke for Radio Beograd 1 on importance of agreement made with IMF for further investments into this country.

24. February 2015

Anti-Illicit Trade Committee Elected Vice President

We are happy to publicize that on the meeting held on Tuesday, February 24, the Anti-Illicit Committee elected Bojana Pecenicic from Mondelez as a Committee's Vice President.

22. January 2015

Special HR Committee Meeting on the Law on Foreigners

On January 22, HR Committee met with Assistant Minister of Labour Ljiljana Dzuver, Head of Labour Inspection Goran Markovic and Snezana Cvetinovic from National Employment Service, to discuss implementation of the new Law on Foreigners.

21. January 2015

More Reforms Needed

In January and around New Year holidays FIC Vice President Srdjan Lazovic had series of media appearances at TV stations, leading dailies and few web portals, in which he called for continuation of reforms, improving transparency of the overall business environment, fight against grey economy and cutting bureaucracy.

05. January 2015

Reforms Taken in 2014 but Implementation Still Needed

In an interview for Beta news agency released on January 5, FIC Vice President Ove Fredheim said that Serbian Government took reform steps in 2014, and now a joint effort of relevant state authorities is needed to ensure implementation of enacted laws in order to improve the country's investment climate.

27. December 2014

FIC Vice President on Business Climate for Politika

FIC Vice President Ove Fredheim gave an overview on business climate and underlined main issues faced by foreign investors on Serbian market. Below is the interview published in Politika on Saturday, December 27.

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