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First Serbian Corporate Counsel Forum in Belgrade

01. March 2013

In a downturn economy, management of the legal function is becoming increasingly commercial in character. In-house counsel is under enormous pressure from management to insource legal work, requiring new skills, approaches and philosophies from in-house legal teams.

The "value" outside law firms provide is under more scrutiny than ever and as a result, even though the global economy gears towards recovery, permanent changes in the relationships between clients and their external counsel have been made. For these and many other reasons, Karanovic & Nikolic undertook to conduct a Survey amongst the top 100 corporates which revealed that legal compliance and risk management is one of the top priorities today. The survey also revealed that the legal function has come under increased pressure due to new demands from management, the speed of new regulations adopted and the on-going economic crisis. The results of this survey were presented at the first annual Corporate Counsel Forum, organised by Karanovic & Nikolic and featured presentations from the Heads of Legal from multi-national companies L'Oreal, Heineken, Tarkett, Lukoil and Banca Intesa.

First Serbian Corporate Counsel Forum in Belgrade