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KBC Banka AD Beograd


Company name: KBC Banka AD Beograd

Industry: Finance

Introduction: KBC Banka ad Belgrade is a member of KBC Group, a leading European financial group with worldwide presence in more than 35 countries which employs more than 57 000 people (almost 32 000 people are from Central and Eastern European countries) and caters for 12 million clients worldwide (8 million clients in Central and Eastern Europe).
KBC Banka provides to clients a wide range of products and services both for retail and corporate clients, predominantly SMEs. In the course of 2009, a number of outlets across Serbia were opened. KBC Banka offers its services via a network of 68 sub-branches fully equipped in line with KBC standards.
KBC Banka brand values reflect global KBC Group values: openness, honesty, client-oriented approach and togetherness, as communicated by the corporate slogan: „Life Brings Us Together“. Since April 28th, 2010, the Bank’s Headquarters have been located at the prestigious location Airport City, together with numerous other distinguished companies.
Continuously striving to improve its offer, KBC Banka has signed an agreement with EIB and the special credit line is intended primarily for SMEs and investment projects of the local authorities. As part of its wide range of products for retail clients, KBC Banka currently offers mortgage loans with the most favourable conditions on the market.
As a socially responsible company, KBC Banka has been present on the local level in Serbia for many years by supporting numerous activities aimed at development of local communities. More specifically, support was provided to environmental activities, improvements in living conditions of the most vulnerable categories of population, assistance for children with special needs and many other actions.

Services: Banking

Contacts: Omladinskih brigada 90v, 11070 Beograd; phone: +381 11 3050 575; fax: +381 11 2282 028; web: www.kbcbanka.rs.

A word from Avram Milenkovic, Managing Director of KBC Banka AD Beograd

1. What are the core values of the KBC Banka AD Beograd business philosophy?

a) Core values of KBC Banka are professionalism, client orientation, business excellence, and competitive products.
b) Our philosophy is simple – constant innovation and improvement in serving our clients. For us, that is serving the unique banking needs of retail and SME clients. We have assembled an experienced team that can deliver the type of proactive solutions based client service that makes a real difference in today’s fast paced, increasingly competitive business
c) Also through building long term client relationships by offering courteous, friendly and knowledgeable services through each and every employee in the Bank.

2. How do you perceive KBC Banka AD Beograd strategy for further growth on this market?

a) Our strategy is at this point strengthening bank position within the market. We are certainly well positioned in certain products such as mortgage loans in which we own significant market share. For realization of this strategy we invested the massive marketing efforts. Besides this we are very strongly horizontally integrated with other KBC group members, which enable us to be competitive in the market.
b) Second segment of the strategy is acquisition of good and perspective clients. Retaining clients and acquisition of good clients is the backbone of our business and we are devoted to this fact.
c)Third segment is the product development which solves a problem of growth by creating of new product and selling it on already mastered market.

3. What is in your view the role of the FIC and what are your expectations?

We see FIC as an important factor in shaping of the business environment in Serbia. The voice of foreign investors needs to be articulated and heard, and there we see the potential of FIC. We value activities of various committees within FIC in improving and proposing new legislation aimed at improving overall business climate in Serbia. In this period, it is vitally important to cooperate closely with the Serbian administration in order to overcome difficulties and obstacles which may occur in relations with foreign investors.