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“Case Study Show 2013”

29. March 2013

Case Study Show represents an international event, organized for the seventh time by ESTIEM (European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management) Local Group Belgrade, organization which is committed to “assisting students in preparing for tomorrow’s workplace”. In this spirit, the project Case Study Show is intended to connect students with the leading companies on our market and provide them with the opportunity to showcase their ability to analyze a real business problem, which are a part of the managers every day work and to give them a chance to try out their skills and competences.


"Case Study Show 2013" is a refreshing, stimulating and dynamic three day international manifestation that gathers young, motivated high-achievers, committed to excellence in their chosen careers ways, students from Belgrade, students from our region, as well as students from all over the Europe who study industrial engineering and management , in an environment  which is empowering teambuilding , harnessing competitiveness and helping individuals find own solutions, rather than being told what to do.

The first and second day of the Case Study Show are reserved for solving case studies, provided by leading companies in Serbian market. The third day of this event is open for all students in Belgrade who wish to participate. This day is opened by ignite presentations, followed by Case Speed Dating and Case Creative Room.


Case Study Show is a unique project that provides benefits for both companies and students. Companies have the possibility of representing their business to students and wider audiences through active media event promotion. Companies that participate in Company Show can present themselves to students as a desirable employer (students' first choice), and make direct communication with students in Case Creative Room and Case Speed Dating , which are held on the third day of event. Key benefits for companies are "out of the box" solutions from creative and ambitious students. Experience from previous years has shown that many solutions have found their realization in real business world.

Participating students will have a chance to develop core management skills, including communication skills, teamwork, leadership, presentation skills and time management as well as their solving and decision-making skills. Key benefit for participating for students is getting in touch with managers from leading companies in Serbian market, and the possibility to leave their CV. Through presenting solutions of given problems students show practical application of their theoretical knowledge, skills in presenting the given problem and competencies, which they can benefit from when applying for programs, scholarships and practical work which these companies offer.


Case Study Show will be held at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, ‘Jove Ilica' 154, Belgrade. With the already recognizable brand, Case Study Show is the largest student event at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences and it became a traditional project of ESTIEM local group Belgrade.


March 28th - 30th, 2013

If you are interested in attending this event please contact the organizer directly -

ESTIEM LG Belgrade: http://www.estiem.org.rs/.
To learn more about the event, visit http://casestudyshow.org.rs.

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