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Foreign Investors Council
47, Gospodar Jevremova Street, IV Floor, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Phone: +381 11 3281 958, 3281 965
e-mail: office@fic.org.rs


Dusan Lalic

Generali, Insurace Company: Director of Legal Department and Compliance
 Responsible for the legal function in the Insurance Company. Manages three departments: Litigation dpt. Legal Support dpt. and Legal consulting dpt.
 Responsible for all legal issues arising in the operations of the Insurance Company.
 Coordinates with the external lawyers of the Insurance Company
 Drafting of contracts, internal regulation and acts of the Insurance Company
 AML Officer
 DPO – Data Protection Officer
 President of the Risk Committee
 Responsible for Complaints handling process in the Company
World Bank – Azerbaijan SECO-Funded Financial Sector Modernization Project (technical assistance for developing consumer protection legal framework)
 Assisting the Expert Group and the Working Group to develop an adequate consumer protection legal and regulatory framework for the banking and non-bank lending sectors. For this matter, the consultant will undertake the following tasks:
 Reviewing the existing Azeri financial sector legislation relevant from international best practices perspective to set up an adequate consumer protection framework, and advising on necessary changes based on international best practices
 Providing advice and comments on proposed texts of amendments to laws and regulations prepared by the CBAR, as well as follow-up responses to comments from CBAR and other relevant stakeholders if needed;

World Bank: Consultant (Banking Sector) for the Pakistan and Tanzania mission (Consumer Protection and Financial Literacy Diagnostics)
 As consultant of the World Bank mission my tasks were: (i) to assess the existing financial consumer protection framework by reviewing laws, regulations and practices in the aforementioned countries compared to international good practices; and (ii) to provide recommendations on ways to improve the level of financial consumer protection in these countries.
 Preparing a full report regarding the Consumer Protection and Financial Literacy Diagnostics. This report represents a detailed diagnostic review of Consumer Protection and Financial Literacy and also gives a detailed comparison of the legal framework with the good practices.
Vojvodjanska banka, NBG group: Director of the Legal Function CLO (Chief Legal Officer)
 Responsible for the legal function in the bank. Manages three departments: Litigation dpt. Legal Support dpt. and Legal consulting dpt.
 Coordinated the implementation process of the new Law on protection of financial services consumer.
 Responsible for the compliance with the laws and regulations Responsible for all legal issues arising in the operations of the bank.
 Drafting of contracts, internal regulation and acts of the Bank
2000 – 2010
National Bank of Serbia: General Manager
 Legislative drafting: Banking Act, Law on Protection of Financial Services Consumers, Securities Act, Insurance Law, Law on Foreign Exchange Operations, Securitization act, Anti-money Laundering Act, Law on Payment Transactions, Financial Leasing Act, Law on the National bank of Serbia, Insurance Deposits Act, Law on Bankruptcy and Liquidation of banks and insurance companies, Mortgage Act, Voluntary Pension Act, Investment Fund Act etc.
 Creating legal frameworks for financial stability, debt restructuring, securitization, structured financing, consumer protection in the financial services etc.
 Participated in preparing all by-laws (regulations) in the field of the financial sector
 Member of the working group for the creation of the legal framework for protection of financial services consumers (drafting the laws and regulations)
 Responsible for the legal harmonization of Central bank regulations with the EU law
National Bank of Serbia: Expert Assistant
 Participated in preparing all drafts of laws and by-laws in the field of financial sector law
 Contract law
 Administrative and technical support for the Legal department
 Legal representation of the National bank of Serbia in the country and abroad


1990-1995 University of Belgrade, School of Law
2000 Passed the bar exam
2009 MBA – IUKB, Switzerland


Excellent knowledge of English and Spanish language
Basic German and French


2001 Introduction to the AML Act – Lecture held in the organization of USAID
2006 Corporate Governance in Banks – Lecture in the Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade
2009 Academy of Banking and Finance – Lecture on Managing Legal Risks in the Banking Sector
2010 Academy of Banking and Finance – Lecture on Debt Restructuring
2012 Academy of Banking and Finance – Lecture on the Securities Law
2012 Academy of Banking and Finance – Lecture on Enforcement Law
2013 JVI Legal Risk Management and Compliance.


“Managing Legal Risk Within the Central Bank”, 2009, Wolters Kluwer
“Corporate Governance in Banks”, 2006, Law University Belgrade


2009 – 2012 Regular columnist and editor for the financial law section in the monthly magazine “Law and Practice” – Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia.

Annual Report

Annual Report
We present the Annual Report which provides key information on FIC activities during the year.

WB Essentials

WB Essentials
We present you “The White Book Essentials” – an executive summary of the White Book edition for 2019.

White Book

White Book
Published yearly since 2003, goal of the White Book is to enable removing unneeded barriers and make doing business in Serbia easier, thus enabling better inflow of investments. It is promoted every year in the fourth quarter at the prestigious high-level event.

fic guide

fic guide
Guide to Foreign Investors Council in Serbia 2019/20

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Reality Check Conference is an important tool in achieving FIC goals: it is an event meant to remind the authorities about the recommendations from the latest White Book edition and check status of their implementation.